Pan-African energy leasing. Our smart financing solutions unlock possibilities and empower our partners to thrive and actively drive Africa’s progress.

Solarise Africa is a pan-African energy leasing company.
Through close collaboration with our partners,
we provide smart financing solutions for various renewable energy technologies across Africa.

Our Solutions

Together with our partners, we offer innovative full-service solutions that cover designing, building, financing, and maintaining solar installations. It requires minimal capital expenditure and has short payback periods that help our clients save money.

Our Partners

We collaborate with only the most experienced and quality-focused solar and other energy solution companies in each country to provide a range of tailor-made financial solutions.

Our Projects

At Solarise Africa we have expertise in leasing, financing and investing in Africa’s renewable energy sector. We specialise in captive rooftop and ground mounted solar projects ranging from 50kW to 3MW, and we are fast expanding.

About Us

Solarise Africa is built on three strong brand pillars: expertise, adaptibility and reliability.  And no matter where we are on the continent, we are always guided by our five core values.


To Us, Every Project Is Paramount