Safeguarding Your Solar Investments

Enhancing Solar Asset Management for Maximum Returns

Congratulations on making the switch to solar energy. You’ve not only reduced your reliance on an unpredictable grid but also taken charge of your energy security. However, how can you be certain that your solar installation is performing optimally and delivering the best possible return on your investment?

At the recent Solar Assets Africa conference, our Co-Founder and COO, Sakkie van Wijk, shared some insights on our approach to effective asset management and our dedication to helping you attain the highest returns on your solar investment. At Solarise Africa, we are committed to providing exceptional value to our clients, and Sakkie shared our four key practices that ensure your solar assets yield maximum benefits:

1. Quality

We exclusively use top-tier hardware and rigorously enforce quality control during the construction phase. This forms the solid foundation for effective solar asset management. By guaranteeing well-constructed, high-quality solar installations, we significantly enhance your solar asset’s energy output over its lifespan.

2. Data

As Clive Humby famously put it, “Data is the new oil.” We meticulously collect and analyse vast amounts of data to fine-tune our remote monitoring and elevate the real-time analysis of solar installations. Our integration of IoT devices and sensors, such as PvSpot and MeteorNorm, facilitates proactive asset management. Detecting anomalies in energy production, temperature, and voltage translates to improved overall system efficiency. In specific locations, we employ geyser control through Plentify, effectively reducing operational costs. We make sense of this extensive data through our Odyssey APM platform, which consolidates data-driven insights, leading to optimised energy production across all our solar assets.

3. Technology

At Solarise Africa, we employ thermographic scanning with thermal imaging at each site to detect hotspots on panels and loose electrical connections, both of which can hinder PV system performance. This technology also identifies areas with potential fire risks. Regular drone-based thermal imaging inspections aid in pinpointing and mitigating shading issues, ensuring consistent energy output and safer operations. We are also exploring robotic cleaning solutions to further cut operational expenses, elevate panel efficiency, and increase overall energy yield, so watch this space for more information soon!

4. People

We acknowledge that people are pivotal to our approach at Solarise Africa. “People Matter” is one of our core values. While remote monitoring capabilities, cutting-edge management systems, and AI are vital, having the right personnel is fundamental to success. Given a well-constructed plant with quality components, solar asset management professionals understand that competent, trained, and vigilant individuals provide the cornerstone for long-term lifecycle management.

We prioritise workforce excellence and our dedicated team of monitoring experts ensures the effective utilisation of technology and the continuous enhancement of our asset management practices. Our strong collaboration with EPC and O&M partners has significantly streamlined our workflow, reduced construction time, and enhanced technical support.

You can count on us

By synergising technology with a people-centric approach, Solarise Africa optimises solar asset management, guaranteeing sustainable and efficient operations throughout the region. We firmly believe that by empowering our workforce and nurturing collaboration, we can drive positive change and unlock the full potential of solar energy in Africa.

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Sakkie van Wijk accepts the COO of the Year award at the Solar Assets Africa Awards 2023.